Adorable “Smiling” Pup Came Into The Shelter With A Big Grin And People Were In LOVE!

When the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue put up a picture of their newest dog up for adoption, they could never have imagined the rush of people who would flock to their phone lines to meet him! Something about this adorable pup just made people want to add him to their families, and the shelter was stunned.

Before this shelter was started, the animals were kept at the city pound for only three days before they were put down. Now, animals get a second chance at life while they wait to be adopted, and little Cheech was no exception! The smiling face went viral overnight, and the shelter was flooded with interested families looking to adopt. Out of all the applications to adopt Cheech, one was the most heartwarming.

A woman named Carried had just said goodbye to her faithful German Shepherd after he passed away, and her other dog hadn’t eaten since his best friend disappeared. Carried just knew that the two dogs would get along. It was a sign, she wrote. The picture of Cheech was posted the very same day that her own dog passed, and she wanted the chance to see if Cheech would be a good fit. After losing one dog to cancer, she was more than ready to open her heart and her home to caring for a new dog. Her current pup, Dusty, immediately took to Cheech, and the pair began their new lives together in Carrie’s home!

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