Adorable Neighbor Cats Hang Out Every Day Without Fail

Lancelot used to spend his days staring out of the windows, aggressively chasing off any cats, dogs, birds, and any other animals that thought they could “invade” his territory without permission. Until one day, Lancelot’s human, Ana, noticed that he wasn’t chasing off one particular cat. Lancelot actually let this mysterious cat onto the front porch, and after a tentative sniff, began to play with him.

After that initial meeting, the mysterious cat returned every day, meowing at the door or pawing at the window to be let inside until Ana opened the door. The cats played, chased each other around the house, napped in the sun, and ate leftovers for a few hours before the mystery cat pawed at the door to be let out and return to wherever “home” was.

She wanted to find out who this cat was. One day, after an afternoon of playing, she followed the mystery cat until it led her to a stranger’s house. She knocked on the door…and was relieved to find that it was the cat’s owner!

The cat, called Loki, was owned by a kind older man who was glad to know that his cat was having some fun adventures when he left the house each day.The best friends love to hang out, and Ana is very glad that she opened her home to the mysterious Loki that first day!

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