Adorable Mall Santa Makes Dreams Come True For Hopeful Kids

When the Jackson family ventured out to their local mall to take pictures with Santa, they wondered if he would have a beard. Not a fake, glistening white faux beard…but an actual real-life “Santa Beard.” They were so anxious on the way there, but their fears were unfounded…this mall Santa had a real beard AND a magical personality!

While standing in line, mom heard Santa talking with a little girl who was in line ahead of them. The little girl pointed to hear hearing device…and Santa pointed to his own! Santa then talked to her son, who was beaming afterwards.

Then, it was her daughter’s turn.11-28a14Her daughter, Lauren, approached Santa, and as he lifted the girl onto his knee…he noticed that she had a back brace. Mom watched curiously as her daughter started touching Santa’s back! Shocked, she grabbed a nearby elf and asked if Santa had a back brace, too.

The elf confirmed that Santa did have a back brace, and the two watched as Santa listened carefully to everything the little girl was saying. When Lauren gave Santa a huge hug, mom saw that he was crying.

Her daughter said that Santa told her he knew exactly how she felt.

Tomorrow, Santa might not have hearing aides and he might not wear a brace, but today he did. And today he touched some special children, and their parents! This is his picture.” Mrs. Jackson wrote.

This is why people still believe in Santa.


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