Adorable Kid Sets Up Ice Cream Shop To Raise Money For Sick Children

5-year-old Haylen celebrated his 5th birthday with a unique party set up by his family. They called it “five-for-five,” and guests were instructed to bring two five dollar bills in lieu of gifts. Haylen would keep one five dollar bill, and give one away to charity. His parents put together a list of different charities and explained what each one did.

In the end, Haylen chose to donate the $100 he received from his guests to the Ronald McDonald House to help the families of sick children. They gave him a tour when he brought the money to donate, and it must have made a huge impact on him because he never stopped wanting to help.

A few months later, Haylen declared that he wanted mom’s help to build an ice cream shop. He told her where to put the wood, nails, and even how to hang the sign he had made.

It’s not straight,” she said, laughing. “I’m not a carpenter whatsoever. It’s a miracle that this thing even stands up.”

The community rallied around his idea, and he raised 2,617.21 to bring to the Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, in person.

His next goal is to raise $3,009 dollars to help more families.

A lot of people ask him, ‘Why this number?’ Because he’s 5, I have no idea,” mom said.

His family is proud and his community is more than willing to help in whatever ways they can. Hopefully, Haylen will never lose his giving spirit as he is helping so many people!

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