Adorable Icicle Ornaments Can Be Hung ANYWHERE! Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland!

If you decorate for the holidays, you just might need this easy DIY! The gems reflect the light from twinkle lights (especially on a Christmas tree!) and can be added to any existing decoration to up the “sparkle.” Bling might not be what you’re going for, but the versatile nature of these icicles makes them great to enhance the wintery feel in any setting.

Armed with glue, wire, and two different sized gemstones, she got to work! 12-2z3She used wire cutters to clip off four to five inch sections of wire. Then, she glues gemstones on either side of the wire until they dry. Adding more and more, the icicle takes shape and the simmering begins! The reflective surfaces bounce light in all directions, and she says that you can use any colored gemstones if your decor has a specific theme.12-2z4She placed hers on a decorative tree to display them, and while they catch the morning light, they are absolutely stunning when the twinkling lights are switched on around the home. Placing these in and around twinkle lights is a great idea, and we love this easy way to give decorations a chance to shine! (Literally!)12-2z5The reason this project has gone viral? It is unique, eye-catching, and above all else, it is so incredibly simple to sit down and make a handful in just 30 minutes. Would you spend an afternoon making these, or are they just not your taste?

You can see the full tutorial here!


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