Adorable Humming Bird Has A Crush On The Dog That Saved Her Life!

Rex was a feral dog, roaming the streets and fighting for every scrap of food he could get his paws on. It as a hard life, but one day a man named Ed Gernon rescued the pooch and showed him how good life could be. They settled into domestic life, with long walks and lots of head-scratches, and it didn’t seem that anything could disrupt their happy lives…

Until Rex saw something struggling in the grass on one of their romps in the park.

When Gernon came close, he realized that is was a little hummingbird that had fallen out of a tree, struggling for each breath. The bird was covered in ants, and Gernon thought that the tiny creature was already done for, but Rex wouldn’t be pulled away.

Gernon rescued the creature, wiped off the ants, and brought her home to try and save her life.5.11a2

He concocted a mixture of sugar syrup and fed her from a bottle until she was able to regain her strength. Since that moment, “Hummer,” as Gernon calls her, has not left Rex’s side.5.11a3

She perches on him when he’s sitting, bathes in his water bowl when he is eating, and always stays nearby. She plays with him by darting back and forth, and he doesn’t seem to mind the constant buzzing about.5.11a4

But now that Hummer is recovered, he knows that it is time for Rex’s new friend to move on. He has started leaving the windows open, encouraging Hummer to leave and find other hummingbird friends, and possibly a mate. One day, Hummer will be gone, but until that moment, Rex is enjoying his new best friend!

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