Adorable Cuttlefish Surprises Scientists While Exploring The Ocean Floor In California!

In the waters off the coast of Southern California, this cutie pie sits in the sand waiting for his next meal and melting the hearts of people watching the broadcast live on the internet. He didn’t know why there was suddenly a bright light being shined in his face…but judging by his expression, it looks like he may not have cared one way or another. Some ocean-dwelling creatures would have swam away from such an encounter, but not this guy. He just sat and waited patiently, staring blankly at…well, whatever it was he was staring at to begin with.

8.17a12The team discovered him roughly 3,000 feet below the surface and thought that he looked “fake.” His coloring was so vibrant and his eyes were so perfectly outlined that he looked “like a toy that a kid dropped into the ocean!” Followed by a lot of “awww” and “he’s so cuute” from the people who spotted him.

This little guy is a Rossia pacifica, commonly known as a Stubby Squid, a cuttlefish that lives its life on the ocean floor. Normally, they coat their skin in a sticky mucus-jacket and burrow into the and, patiently waiting for shrimp or small fish to pass by before leaping into action for their next meal.

Commonly, these little creatures will camoflauge themselves against the rocks, but for some reason, this one was a vibrant purple and stuck out hilariously. The team couldn’t stop laughing, and they eventually had to move on when the cuttlefish decided that he wasn’t moving for anyone.


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