Adorable “Cartoon” Cat Should Have Died Soon After Birth. She Wouldn’t Give Up On Him!

When Kevin was born, it was immediately obvious that something had gone terribly wrong. The smallest kitten of the litter, Kevin had impossibly large eyes and trouble focusing on anything due to crossed eyes. His veterinarian diagnosed him with a congenital condition known as Hydrocephalus and predicted a heartbreaking future: Kevin wouldn’t live another five months.

The condition meant that Kevin had too much fluid in his brain, and it would impair his hearing, brain function, and eyesight, inevitably leading to his death. A woman named Tailah Moyle decided to love Kevin anyway. Even if he passed away too soon, she would love him as much as possible in the time that he had left.With never ending cuddles and a comfortable home, Kevin thrived. He had special needs, he couldn’t live his life like other cats, and he eventually learned to get around his new home using his sense of smell…but he was the most adorable, lovable cat that Tailah had ever met.

The Russian Blue with a projected lifespan of 5 months is now 5 years old and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. His comical expressions and sense of adventure never cease to put a smile on the face of anyone who meets him. For a little kitty with a small chance at happiness, his story sure is inspiring!

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