Adorable Baby’s Taco Bell Themed Birthday Photo Shoot Is Exactly What You Needed Today

Parents are getting more and more creative when it comes to documenting their children’s lives, and a first birthday is one of the big events that deserves its very own photo shoot! Traditionally, a simple portrait was usually the go-to way to celebrate a child’s first year of life. (My mother took me to JC Penney’s for a single snapshot, for example.) But now that it’s easier than ever to document each moment in our children’s lives, a simple photograph just isn’t enough for some…

Little Delta Rose turned 1, and her mom knew that her favorite food would make her even happier than a huge cake! (This must be a trend! We seem to remember another little baby that loves tacos, too!) Mom picked up several orders of soft tacos, decorated with stray sauce packets, and the photographer, Julia Marie Photography, did an amazing job of putting it all together!
Surrounded by all the soft tacos she could ever want, Delta Rose wasted no time at all! Delicious!They even borrowed a tray from their local Taco Bell to make the experience as exciting as possible. Other parents were excited to try this idea out with their own babies! It turns out that most one year old babies happen to love tacos…and what’s not to love? Chewy tortillas, savory meat, and delicious cheese? How exciting! (And cute!)

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