Adorable Baby Going VIRAL For The Distinct Physical Trait Shared With Mom!

MilliAnna was born in Ridgeland, South Carolina, but that isn’t what is so special about the 18-month-old baby. What is drawing people to her pictures is the birthmark shared with mom – in the exact same place – that causes the hair in that spot to grow in completely white!11-10a2Born to 23-year-old Brianna Worthy, the pair began to attract a lot of attention for their stark white fringe. The striking feature is a condition called poliosis, where affected hair follicles have little to no coloring and can sometimes affect the surrounding skin as well. The trait has been tracked as far back as Brianna’s grandmother, but no further. Her grandmother was adopted and was never able to contact her birth parents, so Brianna isn’t sure where it could have originated.

11-10a3For now, they are glad to have the trait shared by Brianna’s mother as well. The distinctive lack of pigment does cause some people to stare, but Brianna is going to teach her daughter to be proud of her appearance with confidence and grace.11-10a4Brianna remembers being teased when she was a child due to her hair, but now, she says it doesn’t bother her. Sometimes people stare, but she doesn’t pay them any mind. As long as her daughter grows to love what makes her different, she’ll have done a wonderful job! The shared family trait is incredible, and it’s no wonder that people are in love with this adorable little girl!


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