Addicted Homeless Man Stopped By Police Officer And Had His Life Changed In Just One Night

Robert Morris was spotted by Deputy Matt Holman as he was walking down the road late at night. Morris didn’t know it at the time, but Deputy Holman was about to change his life forever.

Deputy Holman asked Morris if he lived around here and struck up a conversation when the man admitted that he was homeless.

Morris had been living in a tent in the woods, but after a flood, he lost everything. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and he wasn’t sure if he would ever recover. 

Deputy Holman told Morris to walk to the nearby church so that they could talk.

It turned out that Morris lost both of his parents and his sister in a short amount of time. He turned to drugs and alcohol, which ended up ruining his relationship with his two remaining siblings. He had fallen on hard times, but Holman knew that all hope was not lost.

Holman asked Morris if he needed anything.

Yeah, I need a Bible,” Morris said.

Holman walked to the back of his car, but when he realized that he didn’t have a spare book…he decided to give Morris his personal Bible instead, complete with highlights and notations. He called around, but all of the shelters were full. He decided to offer him a meal.

Morris offered to give the officer the few dollars that he had, but Holman wouldn’t accept. The officer brought him a meal – even though it was 2:30 AM – and the two parted ways.

Six months later, Holman received a voicemail from Morris, thanking the officer for what he had done that night. He was inspired by the officer’s care, and eventually got back on his feet. Morris checked into a mental health facility, repaired the relationships with his siblings, moved into a stable home, and was finally able to get his life back together.

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