Act Of Kindness By Enterprise Rent-A-Car Has Gone VIRAL For Two Adorable Reasons!

A mom with 11-month-old twins found herself in an upsetting situation one day. She had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident and needed to rent a temporary vehicle while it all got sorted out. She went to the local office, upset at the entire ordeal. One of the most frustrating parts? She didn’t have a double stroller to keep the babies in while she went through the paperwork with the representative.7.18a1

Clearly struggling to handle it all, John, the representative quickly offered to hold one of her babies! It turned out the John had a twin sister – who is his best friend, he said – and knew the struggle that comes with having two babies at once. His caring actions moved her, and she snapped this quick photo as he processed her information with a curious 11-month-old baby in tow.7.18a2

She posted the picture on social media, and eventually the Corporate branch of Enterprise saw it, personally calling the mother and discussing what had happened. She reports that “this kind, selfless act has gone to the Corporate level and magic is in the making! Lets hope John gets the recognition he deserves!”

After that? Corporate called her. The Enterprise branch was sending her a brand new double-stroller for her babies and have something special in store for John as well!

Although the company hasn’t announced what the “surprise” is, we’re sure that it will be as awesome as his actions were that day!

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