According To Social Media, If You Can Solve This In Less Than 1 Minute, You Are A Genius.

This puzzle has been floating around Twitter and Facebook, with people claiming that if you can solve it within a certain time frame (usually 1 minute), then you must have an IQ of over 150 points. To look at it, it’s just a line of seemingly random numbers with no correlation. Some people truly can’t solve it without looking at the solution, and others are quick to boast that “it only took me 1 second to figure it out.” While that is obviously an exaggeration told by people who share the post without proving how they got the answer, it hasn’t stopped millions of people from jumping in on the puzzle! It is quite clever.

7.18a3Just posting the answer(s) to the puzzle doesn’t prove that they have actual intelligence in the area, according to one mathematician who has broken down the equation for the masses. He claims that if you can’t provide both answers, then you don’t meet the qualifications of “a genius IQ over 150!” MindYourDecisions, a YouTube channel with a large following, has decided to start calling people out, and he is ruthless in his quest to out the people sharing the puzzle blindly. Yikes! So, why is this viral?

Because even on his video about people just sharing and commenting, “I solved it instantly,” people are sharing his video and commenting, “I solved it instantly.” The irony is more than a little hilarious, and it has caused the puzzle to be shared even more!

If you haven’t had a chance, see if you can work out the equation for yourself…and if not, check out the solution here and get back to us. (It took me over a minute to work it out…guess I’m not a “genius,” according to social media! Shucks.)

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