According To Science, You Can Eat ALL The Pizza! …Hooray?

Okay, so there are some important details to consider before you start your pizza-only diet, but this study is hilarious and we’ll explain why.

First, according to a study done at UC San Francisco and Touro University California, high-calorie, low-sugar foods – like PIZZA! – are healthier than high-calorie foods that are high in sugar. “Well, duh!” You may exclaim at the obvious fact, but as with all studies of this sort, there is more.

The study went on to examine the diets of 43 children who were overweight for a total of nine days. The researchers slowly swapped the children’s snacks from high-calorie snacks containing sugar for snacks that were still high-calorie but contained a lower sugar content. Foods like pizza and other savory choices that weren’t loaded in sugar, basically.7.18a12

The children who had their snacks swapped with different foods showed improved health, and some even displayed weight loss after the week and a half of the study…all for cutting down on their sugar intake. This isn’t too surprising, as cutting out sugar is a common weight loss technique, but people are surprised to find that the high-calorie foods that don’t contain sugar will have the same effect.

Of course, the study was limited and probably needs a few more long-term examples to back up the claims, but the general consensus is “hooray for pizza!” And anything else that isn’t loaded in sugar…I’m looking at you, donuts.

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