Abused Shelter Dog Finds And Rescues 3-Year-Old From Freezing To Death In Ditch

Peanut, previously named Petunia by an abusive owner, was still getting used to her new forever home when she started going nuts. Peanut was barking and yelping, running up and down the stairs and alerting her humans that she wanted to go outside.

It was a frigid Friday morning, but when her new owner opened the door, Peanut didn’t care about the cold. She bolted out of the door, barking and yelping at full speed into the field behind the home.

The man, who chose to remain unidentified, followed his dog and realized that she had led him to a ditch. In that ditch, a naked 3-year-old girl was barely hanging on to life. He immediately took off his sweatshirt and wrapped it around the girl, bringing her inside and telling his wife to call an ambulance. There was no telling how long the girl had been freezing in the ditch, but by the time the ambulance arrived to pick her up, the girl had warmed up enough to say one word: “doggie.”

The police began an investigation and found the parents of the girl by going door-to-door, finding that the home was “unsafe and unsanitary.” Police contacted Child Protective Services, who took custody of the 3-year-old and one other young girl found in the home. An investigation is underway.

Many people believe that Peanut was able to recognize the girl’s cries for help because she, too, had once been in need of help. Peanut is a hero, and thanks to her actions, a young girl was saved that day.

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