Abused Husky Now Has A Job Helping Children In Need

Patriot was a victim of abuse and neglect, leading to visible scarring across his muzzle. He was rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted. Now, he has an important job that is helping children to recover from similar situations.

Patriot was adopted by Kevin Marlin and slowly regained his trust. Patriot was only four months old at the time, but the abuse that he suffered took over a year to overcome with regular therapy. Now, he helps young children to overcome their own tragic pasts by supporting them while they tell their own stories.

They see the visible marks on Patriot’s skin and are able to relate, allowing them to testify in court to the abuses that they had suffered. He is one of 13 dogs in the program that help the District Attorney when children are involved in cases.Children are able to see that although he has been abused and scarred, he was able to overcome his pain and move on, finding his own place in the world. He was able to move on, despite his injuries and despite his past. They are able to find comfort in the Husky’s bravery, and in turn, helps them to find their own strength and become brave themselves.

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