Abused Dog Nearly Died From Her Injuries, But Now She Is An Inspiring Fashion Icon!

Brave little Abigail endured the unthinkable at the hands of her previous owners, but thanks to kind and caring humans, is living a life filled with fun, fashion, and never-ending cuddles!

Abigail was rescued after suffering horrific injuries to her body, having lost and ear and a large section of skin around her shoulder as a result. When she was rescued off of the streets, the founder of Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, Victoria Frazier, saw the extent of the damage and thought that the lovable pooch would be euthanized. She took the dog to Pets First Well Center to begin Abigail’s long road to recovery and welcomed Abigail into her home to continue her care.

Abigail required constant care and frequent redressing of her head and neck wounds. As Frazier wrapped the dog’s head, she realized that the bandages resembled little bonnets…and the idea took off! As she and her husband worked to help Abigail heal, they also gave her cute bows, bonnets, and headbands, launching her new career as a fashionista!

If the Fraziers hadn’t taken Abigail into her home, she most likely wouldn’t have survived, but the brave dog endured her treatments and therapy like a champ, overcoming her painful past and inspiring others.

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