Abandoned At A Baseball Stadium, This Puppy Becomes The World’s First “Bat Dog!”

A ticket salesman in Savannah, Georgia found a 7-week-old puppy in the parking lot of the stadium one afternoon. The puppy was crying and visibly shaken, hungry, and scared. He rescued the puppy and took her to a veterinarian, who couldn’t find a microchip or a tag. The puppy had been abandoned to fend for herself, and the ticket salesman couldn’t stand for it.

The team that played at the stadium, an amateur team named the “Savannah Bananas,” decided that they would take care of the pup! The team’s president, Jared Orton, decided to adopt the pup and named her Daisy! He announced that she would be the team’s first ever Bat Dog!5.13a17They have started training Daisy to fetch baseballs and bats, but she won’t be able to complete her task until she’s a wee bit bigger! For now, the baseballs are larger than she is!5.13a18Until then, she helps sell merchandise and tickets, sporting a bright pink collar and adorable bone-shaped tag! 5.13a19No one is quite sure how big Daisy will get, but her paws are fairly large! She may end up being able to easily carry more than one bat off of the field when she starts doing her duties!

For now, she loves to play with the team, sniff everything, and push the baseballs around the field with her nose! And of course receive as many ear-scratches as possible! Everyone loves Daisy, the Savannah Banana Bat Dog!

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