A Zoo Needed Better Advertisements. This Marketing Company Delivered!

Do you hate snakes? That’s what the advertising company Bates Y&R was counting on. When the Copenhagen Zoo contracted them to find a new way to get more people interested in the zoo and its animals, they couldn’t have predicted just how clever the company was about to get! They wanted something jaw-dropping. We think they nailed it.

A huge wrap made specifically for this bus depicts a giant python (no, they don’t grow quite this large!) squeezing a bus, and the art director, Peder Shack knew that it was the right direction to go.

I always like if you can make the illusion of something strange happening to something well known,”¬†Shack said.

You may have seen advertisements on a bus before…but can you remember a single one? This one is unforgetable.
12-1z13And that mischeivous snake was the perfect choice.

“I especially like the way it almost looks like the snake is smiling.” Shack added.

They didn’t forget the inside of the bus, either! Lionesses prowl the inner doors, and a scattering of bugs litter the floors, waiting to startle passengers into noticing that the zoo is ready for their visit!

12-1z14The realistic shading of the bugs and critters makes it seem like they are actually crawling on the floor. Were the bugs a step too far? Well, they certainly are distracting, in any case! What do you think of this company’s outrageous designs?


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