A Woman With Special Needs Interrupts This Server’s Job…And Another Customer Snaps THIS Picture!

How would you handle your day job getting interrupted by someone that you didn’t even know? You’re busy, you have a thousand things to get done before the day is over…and someone comes up to you with something completely unrelated and demands your immediate attention. How do you feel? Probably annoyed, maybe a little bit frustrated. You might tell them to “find someone else” or “not now, I’m busy.” Maybe you’re in a bad mood and you just tell them to “go away.”

This server was in the middle of a very busy shift when an elderly woman with special needs came up to her with one very odd request…another customer just HAD to share it with Facebook!


What an incredibly touching story! This server could have blown off this woman or passed her on to a manager because she was so busy. But she didn’t. Instead, she got on the floor and helped a woman in need. She was caring, considerate, and didn’t mind the interruption. What makes this story so amazing is that in the exact same scenario, so many other people would have just kept going on about their day and left the aging woman to someone else. But not this girl! She will definitely go far in life due to her caring personality!

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