A Woman Was Taking “Sneaky” Pictures Of This Cop…When He Saw Her?! It Went VIRAL!

Marta Gould was driving, minding her own business, when she saw something on the side of the road. Well, to be fair…she saw two somethings! Those biceps caught her eye, and the twitterpated woman wanted to take a picture – her friends would never believe how handsome this officer was! She slowed down just a bit and started snapping a few photos…but she must have been driving a little too slow because after the first picture, he realized what she was doing!6.22a30He smiled and waved, putting his leg up on the tire to pose for her picture on purpose! He laughed it off and probably knew he was about to end up on social media anyway, so he smiled for the camera. He posed long enough for her to get a clear picture before she continued driving away…how embarrassing!6.22a32She immediately uploaded the pictures and shared her embarrassing moment! 6.22a33While it was hilarious, many people are sharing the picture and warning each other not to randomly take sneaky pictures of police officers. It isn’t illegal to do, but not all of them would stop and pose for a picture.

Are they being a little dramatic, or do you think they are right? In any case, this cop knew how to have a little bit of fun on the job, and Marta got herself a good laugh!

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