A Woman Was Caught HARASSING A Wounded Warrior In The Parking Lot. It Wasn’t Until The POLICE Showed Up That She Backed Off!

You’ve seen these people in action before. The people who will loudly argue with the sales clerk about a discount, talking down to them and trying to bully their way into getting what they want. The people who will pretend there is a hair in their food to get a free meal. The people who think it’s their job to “police” other people without knowing a single thing about them. They are everywhere, but the only thing we can really do is tolerate them…

Unless they act like THIS in public. Then we should all take a page from Barbara Dobbins’ book and fight back!


Why do you think this woman needed so much opposition before she backed down? Seriously, a crowd of people, the police, where was it going to end if they hadn’t showed up? There are a lot of disabilities that are “invisible” to the rest of us but still just as debilitating. This poor woman fought through her anxiety and fear to make this trip to the store…and didn’t even make it 10 feet before being verbally attacked. 

If the woman had a problem with someone parking in the spot without a “visible” disability, she should have just asked, or like the others said, told a manager. How would you have handled this?

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