A Woman Thought The Military Discount Was “Entitlement” And “Rude.” The Other Customers Were QUICK To Put Her In Her Place!!

Most places of business offer discounts to veterans. Some only offer these discounts to active veterans. Some don’t offer discounts at all. The places that do offer discounts might not advertise it, so asking at the check-out is a common thing to do. If they offer a discount, awesome! If they don’t, there’s really no harm done.

One man decided to ask about a discount as he was ordering his meal when a snide woman overheard his casual request…and just couldn’t keep her big mouth shut! I bet she regretted her decision INSTANTLY!


Wow. I’m glad those other customers were around to stand up for that guy. He was asking a legitimate question, and while I won’t judge the restaurant’s choice to not offer discounts to members of the military, I WILL judge that woman who thought she had any right to judge someone who risked their life on a daily basis so that she could stand in that line.

I truly hoped that she learned a valuable lesson from this incident. She might be embarrassed, she might not ever return to that restaurant, and she might not tell any of her friends and family about what happened…but one thing we can assume is that she will NEVER make this same rude mistake again! Some people just don’t understand…

What would YOU have said to this woman, if you overheard this exchange?

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