A Woman Grabbed A Power Drill And Did This With Pumpkins!

Go get it, girl! You don’t need a guy to help you use power tools. In fact, there are so many fun and easy ways to use them; you’ll be begging for your own set! Read on to learn about four new ways to use power tools, today; to unleash your inner creativity and independence.

  1. Power tool Pumpkin
    Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 2.32.50 PM
    This fall, pick a pumpkin and pull out a drill. You can give pumpkin carving a whole new makeover. Simply drill holes all around the pumpkin, leaving an inch or two between each hole. Light a candle and place it inside of the hollowed pumpkin. Put it out on your porch and showcase your ability to be creative and use power tools!
  1. Hammer Numbers
    This is so easy and super cute! Get a block of wood and a bunch of large nails. Using a hammer, arrange the nails in order to make your house number on the block of wood. Make the numbers very thick, so several nail layers will do. Either sit the block of wood by your mailbox or on a step by your front door!
  1. Rolling Storage Ottoman
    Everyone could use more storage. So, if you are in the mood to use your tools, follow the steps on the link above to create an adorable rolling storage ottoman that will fit right in with your living room or even your porch décor this spring and summer!
  1. Spin Art
    If you are on a tight budget but are crafty and skilled with power tools, check out how to make your own spin art painting! It’s fun for the whole family, and you’ll get an instant art update in your home.

When a lot of women hear the word, “Power tool” they instantly panic. But, power tools can be simple to use and you can have a lot of fun making various arts and crafts projects with them. Consider these four power tool projects and begin crafting your creations today, without any help from the hubby!

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