A Waitress Saw A Kid Who Looked Like He Needed A Bit Of Kindness, But What They Did AFTER Their Meal SHOCKED Her Completely!

Being a server is tough. Working in a restaurant really challenges not only your stamina, but also your patience! Some people can be absolutely terrible when they go out to a restaurant, and some people can be so amazing that they cause you to get home from work and write about your experience on social media. This waitress had a table of kids, and an older wealthy couple one day during her shift, and the difference between the two is outrageous!

It always really bothered me when wait staff ignored me + my friends just because we were young because we are all really respectful people but the assumption was that we wouldn’t tip.

So fast forwards to when I became a waitress and one day this group of young kids came in and I had 8 other tables with other people to look to but I overheard that one kid wanted a milkshake but he couldn’t afford it. The other kids offered to pay but he was like “nonono it’s fine” and I looked over and he just looked real run down and sad —- later it just so happened that our kitchen had a mix-up so we had an extra shake and since it would just be dumped otherwise, I snuck it out to their table and gave it to him for free.

His friends were so impressed by this that they pooled every cent they had. I got a $50 tip and later his friend’s mom came in and said “I heard what you did for that boy,” and gave me another $20 and offered me a better job working with her.

Meanwhile at my other table a rich guy in a suit I was serving complained because he didn’t want to pay the 15% tip on a $8.90 bill. When his wife said “she’s been a good waitress, though,” he said, “but just plain good isn’t worth 15%.”

The way these kids acted shows that they have been brought up right. They were respectful, grateful, and in the end they were her best table – even when she had 7 others to look after! While some people can argue that they don’t agree with the way restaurants are run, these restaurants haven’t changed the way that they do business. At a sit-down restaurant, a tip is expected no matter what in exchange for the server bringing out your food, refilling your drink during your meal, and making sure that you have everything that you need in order to have a nice evening out. Some people seem to think they these workers don’t deserve anything extra than the $2.13 an hour that the restaurant pays them (and then takes back in “drink allowances”) and so they argue for every penny on their bill. In this case, these kids were more understanding than a older couple who should have known better. What do you think about these kids?


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