A Volunteer Coach Tells It Like It Is, And Parents EVERYWHERE Need To Read This Open Letter!

Unless you’re as dedicated as the man who wrote this open letter, you might not have realized exactly how much work goes into being a volunteer coach. When one man overheard some nasty comments about his judgment during a game, he decided not to confront the parents, but instead to address the larger issue: under-appreciating the people who make it all possible. Week after week, day after day, he sees the same behavior and wants to know why no one can see how much work it takes to keep these teams running – all for no pay, long hours, and stressful conditions.


He’s got a point. Many of us might drive the kids to practice, but never stay until the last kid goes home. We show up for game days, but we drop the kids off for their early practice time, go out to grab some breakfast, and come back well after the game is underway. It’s convenient when we aren’t asked to give more of our time. Respecting the volunteers who make time for these stressful positions is the very least that we can do! You might not be able to give any more of your time, but offering to haul equipment back to the car might be a nice gesture every once in a while!

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