A Veteran Walked Into His Bar And Confessed Something Heartbreaking. Here’s What The Public Said:

Benjamin Lopez was having a normal day when an older gentlemen walked into his pub. It’s wasn’t too busy, so Ben started a conversation. Little did he know, his day was about to change in a touching way.

Ben noticed the man’s medals pinned to his coat jacket and decided to thank the man for his service. They live in the UK, and according to the man, receiving thanks for time served in the war isn’t as common as he thinks it should be.

Ted is a 96 year old veteran of World War II. He told Ben a little bit about what it was like to be a veteran in modern times…and to Ben’s surprise, Ted broke down into tears.

Thank you, young man. No one cares about what I have to say anymore.”

8.4b1Just the fact that Ben took the time to ask about his medals and his life was such a rare thing, Ted couldn’t handle it. Ben was determined to prove the man wrong. He knew that there were people out there who cared about their veterans, so he asked Ted if he could take a picture and post it online.

I told him that am sure there is so many people that do. Can we all please like and share this post and show him just how many of do care about our veterans and prove to Ted he’s not forgotten. I will show him this post when he comes back for his dinner next week.”

When Ted sees the post, he’ll see a jaw-dropping 400,000 shares. People still care, Ted. They care a lot more than they let on.

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