A Veteran Saw This Flag Bundled On A Shelf And Decided To Do Something About It

Nolan Ruby is a Marine combat veteran living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has a day job delivering Coca-Cola beverages and usually has rather uneventful trips…but there was something about this high school that made him stop what he was doing and take a photograph.

Dear local school district. My name is Nolan, and I delivered your Coca-Cola beverages this morning to the concession stand at the HS football field house. I noticed our National Colors tossed on a shelf in your field house, and decided to fold and properly place her the best I could.


If further flag etiquette instruction is required, feel free to contact me. From: the Coke Guy…AKA Combat Marine Veteran who LOVES the American Flag.”

11-16a16He set the glag on a higher shelf and posted the picture online, not really thinking too much about it…but it went viral almost immediately. Quick to express their own patriotism, many people shared this photo to ask their friends if they knew how to fold a flag, other were commenting to say that they didn’t even realize there was a correct way to do it!

The post is educating a lot of people and shocking others, who – while they may not have known the correct way to fold a flag – knew that leaving the flag balled up on a shelf was probably not the best way to honor their country.

What would you have done if you saw the flag in such a state?


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