A Vagrant Walks In To A Chick-Fil-A, And A Customer Is SHOCKED When The Owner Does THIS!

To most people, when a homeless person walks near them, they become uncomfortable. It’s not that they hate the person, or wish any ill towards them, it can be a whole collection of things. Mainly, it’s the unknown. This person probably hasn’t showered in a while, they might be invading personal space, or sometimes it’s even just the thought that “they brought it on themselves” that can make some people anxious about sharing space with them. This feeling gets magnified when a homeless person walks into a restaurant. People get edgy and react harshly. This story needs to be shared. 


The owner of this store deserves every bit of recognition due to him. He not only looked past the man’s shortcomings (and probably lack of finances) but he offered help freely before the man could even ask for it. The man was probably only there to warm up a bit before heading back outside, but the owner just wasn’t having it! 

The actions of this owner have restored a lot of people’s hope in humanity. Although many of the people who liked and shared this story might not remember it the next time they see a homeless person, it is important to try and remember that one day, we might need help too. And I hope if I ever find myself in this situation, someone like the owner will have my back, even if it’s just a simple pair of gloves.

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