A Truck Driver Threw THIS Out Of His Window On The Highway And She Can’t Believe It Hurt So Much!

When Shannon Hallay was hit by something flying through her car’s window, she assumed it was a rock. While driving on the highway, she passed a truck. At first, she thought that a rock had been kicked up by the truck’s tires and had flown through her window. Thankfully, she’d been wearing sunglasses and the “rock” missed her eye. It landed somewhere on the floorboard, but when she pulled over to find it, she was stunned.The driver of the truck had tossed a rock-hard hashbrown out of his window just as he was passing another car. Hallay wanted to share the story first because it was hilarious, but second to let others know that tossing hard objects at 60mph can cause a lot of harm. She was glad that it hadn’t actually broken her skin, but if it had been a little harder, it would have. In the end, she was able to find the humor in the strange event:

So what did we learn?

1. Do not throw things out the window please. You could actually hurt someone.

2. Hashbrowns traveling at roughly 60mph can leave abrasions on the face


The hashslinging slasher is real man.”

Her reference to a childhood cartoon had a lot of people giggling to themselves, but of all the things to be tossed out of a moving car…a hashbrown was definitely unexpected. Luckily, she wasn’t gravely injured and will make a full recovery.

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