A Tough Dad Gave A Tough Punishment When He Caught His Kid Bullying. But He May Have Taken It Too Far!

Shaming children online seems to be an increasingly popular way to discipline them when they do something wrong. They let the internet do all of the work for them. It makes sense, in theory, but more often than not, it has unintended consequences…for the kids AND the parents.

I teach my kids they do not start fights but if someone puts their hands on them they finish it. This is what happens when you become a bully! I don’t put up with it and at 4:30 a.m. today my son found out what happens when you pray [sic] on people and bully! Please share this to end this behavior everywhere! Nothing changes until you take a stance and it only takes one person to start a revolution!”


My name is Kayden Robenhorst. I am guilty of being a bully at Pulaski Middle School. My punishment is the following:
1 – 50 pushups on my fist.
2 – 10 Incline pushups
3 – Running 1 mile (all at 4:30a.m.)
4 – I will also be doing landscaping to both of my father’s house
5 – I will apologize to the boy I bullied in school in front of the whole class

We stand up for ourselves and beliefs but we do NOT take advantage of or bully others”

But what started out as a way to shame his kid into acting right, turned into a huge story that went VIRAL almost overnight. Suddenly, there were strangers everywhere who had his family’s full names and many opinions on his parenting choices. His profile went private shortly after and the post was removed due to the massive amounts of traction it generated. 

However, I’ll bet that this kid hasn’t done anything like this since! Going viral would be enough to keep me out of trouble, that’s for sure! What do you think about this dad’s methods? Too harsh, or just right?

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