A Tough Cowboy Found His Horse STOLEN Outside Of The Saloon. His Story Scared The Townspeople

The “wild West” was full of dangerous criminals, tough cowboys, savvy businessmen, and desperate townsfolk – according to the movies, at least – and the story of a cowboy willing to go to unbelievable lengths to succeed isn’t a new one. The lore of an old cowboy who would do whatever it took is strong, and generations later, the stories are still being told…but this one? Not quite so much.

A cowboy rides his horse into a small town. His throat is parched, so he ties his horse to a pole next to a bar and goes in for a drink. He comes out a few minutes later, and someone already stole his horse.

The people of the town are looking to see his reaction, they aren’t even discreet about it. He looks around at everyone and says loud and clear:

“I will walk back into the bar to get myself another drink, and if I don’t see my horse right in front of the bar, I will have to do what I did in Texas a year ago after someone stole my horse. And trust me, I didn’t like what I had to do in Texas a year ago.”

After his confident speech, the man walked back into the bar. The townsfolk looked at each other in fear and worked quickly to get the horse back. A lot of things happened in Texas, and they didn’t want any trouble.

The cowboy finished his second drink and walked out of the bar, saddled the horse, but just before he left the bartender walked up to him and asked, “Hey, cowboy, we know that we got you your horse back, but do you mind telling us what you had to do a year ago in Texas?”

The cowboy looked at him with an iron gaze and responded: “I had to walk home.”

Well, then. Hey, at least he got his horse back, right?


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