A Thumb Tack, An Egg, And 5 Seconds Is All You Need To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs PERFECTLY!

That’s right! Are you tired to picking off piece by chunky piece of a stubborn eggshell every time you try to hard-boiled eggs? Me too. I’ve tried the “crack the shell before you peel it” method, the “run it under cold water while you peel it” method, and the “shake it in a glass container with a little bit of water” method. None of these really work, and it just leaves me with pocked eggs and aren’t pretty to display at dinner parties. I don’t want to bring a container of store-bought cookies next time, so this is the method I will be using!

Who doesn’t love perfect eggs?

You need an egg, a thumb tack, and patience. Or 5 seconds to stick the tack into the WIDE, ROUND part of the egg! Not that narrow bit. That narrow bit will cause you problems. Mine took me 15 seconds, but I’m assuming that you will probably be better at this than I was. So 5 seconds.


Your hole should look like this! The egg won’t leak out because the protective air pocket inside of the egg. This creates a weak point in the shell and will make it so much easier to peel off!


Boil your eggs like normal! Once the water has boiled, turn the heat on LOW and cover the pot with a lid. Remember, the perfect time to leave the eggs covered is 10 minutes, so set a timer! If you go over that time, the yolks will start to turn green.

If you’d prefer soft-boiled eggs, take them out after 7 minutes.3.22a24

Once 10 minutes have passed, submerge the eggs in cold water. When you can pick them up without burning your fingers, knock the eggs against a hard surface and peel away the shell! With the pin-hole from your tack, the eggshell will slide right off!


Enjoy your perfect, beautiful hard-boiled eggs! Gorgeous, easy, and it only takes a few seconds!

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