A Terrible Person Tried To STARVE This Dog To Death! This Story Is Heart-Breaking!

Animal cruelty is sadly something that still happens in the world, no matter how much we wish it didn’t. It’s up to the rest of us to stop these sick individuals from continuing to harm precious souls that only want to love and be loved. A lot of times, rescuers are too late to help in these tragic situations, but in this one case, a rescued dog underwent an intense and stressful recovery that left everyone in tears. Here is her story.

This dog was rescued from a terrible owner that had starved her for months, purposely. Her organs had begun to shut down. If she didn’t get help immediately, she would die within days.


She was dying, and could not even stand without assistance. She had no strength left at all.


Beginning the recovery process seemed impossible, but even with the love, care, and support of these volunteers, she only had the smallest amount of hope in her eyes.


They named her “Angel,” and they never gave up on her. They knew that she had the strength to carry on, even if she didn’t.


Volunteers had to feed Angel by hand to prevent her from eating too much. After such intense starvation, a large amount of food could actually kill her!


They encouraged her to learn to stand on her own by placing bits of kibble just within reach. She was skeptical at first…


…But after several tries, she was finally able to gather the strength to stand, working her neglected muscles and taking the first steps towards recovery!


As her body healed, so did her heart. She even began to make friends!


Angel was soon able to interact with other dogs AND other humans, learning to trust and find purpose in life again!


Once she was fully recovered, Angel was able to find her “forever home,” and has been living happily ever since!

12.10f10This story brought tears to my eyes. Angel looks COMPLETELY different from the first picture to the second. I almost cannot believe that those are pictures of the same dog! She was finally able to trust again, and that is the best gift in the world. I hope that the person who did this to such a sweet dog gets what they deserve.

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