A Suspicious Guy Tries To Pay With A Girl’s Checkbook. The Cashier SAVED Her With His Quick Thinking!

This happened back in 2005 when technology wasn’t as ingrained into our everyday lives. Sure, some people had cell phones, but almost no one had a smart phone, and people still used checks fairly regularly. When someone went missing, law enforcement sent out faxes instead of the Amber Alerts that we get on our phones nowadays. This girl went missing just 30 minutes before, and would have been lost forever if this cashier hadn’t been paying attention.

The next time you overhear someone complaining about having to show their ID in the checkout line, remember this story and know that it’s for one very good reason…

I was working a late shift, and it was rather quiet. I had only been working at the store for only 5 months or so. A man came through my line, and he was about 6 foot tall covered in Tattoos, and not the nicely made tattoos you see from a good tattoo shop I mean the kind that looks like he had them done in the cellar of a seedy biker bar type. He was heavy built, and wore a leather biker vest. He did not seem the type to feel guilty about shanking you on the street. He bought a few items, but had beer. I of course ID him, and he shows it to me, and I total everything. He pulls out a check book, and writes a check. The check had a basket of kittens on it, and this seemed like one of those Facebook posts of bikers look mean, but have a heart of gold type things. Well I look at the check his name is nowhere on the check. It has a girls name on it, and I tell him that I could not accept it because it is not his check, and does not have his name. He claims the girl is with him, and he would go get her real quick. He leaves, and left the check on the counter.

As soon as he is out of sight I call for a manager, and they take the check, and what I did not know was that about half an hour before an amber alert was released, and being the fact this was about 11 years ago in 2005 and very few people had SMS alerts for things like this, and only because our company is a certified safe place we receive faxes which had amber alerts, and such. The manager recognized the name, and contacted police. Minutes later we had a few cops show up, and they asked me what the guy looked like, and everything said. They even finger printed the stuff the guy was buying. Security gave them the footage of the guy, and were lucky to get the guys plate number. A few minutes later all the cops left, and I mean in a hurry.

Apparently the guy was spotted, and pulled over they found the girl tied up in the back of the SUV he was driving, and luckily she was not hurt. She was kidnapped from where she worked after school, and her co-worker called the cops when he got back from his break to find the place a mess, and her missing. The whole thing occurred within an hour, and half time. She was taken to a local hospital where she was kept just in case over night. The man was of course arrested.

While most cashiers don’t have to bother with checks anymore, some still stick to the guidelines and ask for ID even for a debit or credit card. Sure, it’s annoying when you are using your own card and have to pull out your ID, but what if someone was trying to use your card while you were tied up in the back of their van? You’d want them to be questioned. It’s a scary thing to think about, but sadly, it is still a necessary measure. At least in this one case, the man was caught, and the girl was rescued all thanks to this diligent cashier!

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