A Super 8 Motel Is Being Rebuilt From The Ground Up. They Post A Hilarious Sign With An Explanation!

How far would you go if you discovered a horrifying pest inside of your home? Hopefully not this far! (…But we completely understand this reaction…)

A motel in Winnipeg burned down suddenly, and residents were stumped as to the reason. They saw day by day as the debris was taken away and bulldozed over, and construction took its sweet time to be completed. 8.15a7As with any sudden building change, the people who live there are curious and want to know all of the details…so this Super 8 Motel decided to let everyone know the dirty little secret… 8.15a8The management at this motel have a sense of humor, and the internet agrees that this was obviously the only solution to finding a spider in the building. Others disagree and point out that all of that rubble is the perfect hiding ground for a rogue spider and think that it should be burned again. And again. And again. They shouldn’t be taking such chances when spiders are involved.

After all, spiders are scary. I mean, have you seen their legs?!

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