A Student Posted This On Facebook After The Entire Class Laughed At A Kid For Having Ripped Up Sneakers. Stunning.

Think back to your days in grade school. What group did you belong to? Were you a part of a large group of friends, or did you prefer the company of a select few? Maybe you didn’t care to make friends at all and only concentrated on your studies! Some children have to worry about more than just who they hang out with during the day… some children have to worry about their shoes falling apart during class.


The sole of his shoe fell off. What would you do, if they were your only pair of shoes? The other children were being terribly cruel, but thanks to one kind teacher, this kid wouldn’t have to worry about going home to tell his mother that his shoes had been ruined. He knew what a burden it would likely be for his parents, and as he sat alone at that lunch table, he was probably wondering how to tell his mother without breaking her heart. 

This teacher went out of his way to support a struggling student, and hopefully his actions will have inspired the kids making fun of their classmate to think about their actions and how they might impact someone who is struggling. The student’s identity has been concealed, but the teacher’s good deed has spread far and wide across the internet!

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