A Stray Dog Wandered Into Her Home, But When She Saw The NOTE Attached To His Collar, She HAD To Share The Story! Every Parent Can Understand WHY!

What would you do if an old dog wandered into your home? I love dogs and have 2 of them, but I’m not sure I would just let it into my house. I might set out some water and a bowl of kibble. I might give him an extra bone and let him chill in the shade on my lawn. I don’t think I would let him inside without checking for fleas at least! …Until I read the note that was attached to this dog’s collar! Come on in, doggy! You can stay with me forever! I know the feeling…


Oh! I know this feeling! It’s like being on a roller coaster that doesn’t stop until the kids fall asleep, and even then, you’re waiting for a door to crack open down the hallway and a pair of little booted feet to shuffle into your doorway – again. I’d even welcome this poor dog’s owner in for a nap! I don’t have 6 children, but I can very well imagine how exhausted this family would be by mid-afternoon! What about you? Would you escape to a complete stranger’s home in order to take a nap? Maybe you would, if you were this dog!

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