A Stranger Waits Until Mom Isn’t Looking To Slip This Note To Her Son.

Melissa Simms had been to the clinic multiple times since her major surgery two years prior. From Pell City, Alabama, she was stressed out about her family’s financial situation, and apparently it showed. While in the waiting room, accompanied by her son, Trey, she realized that she wouldn’t have enough for the co-payment after the visit. Her son had been sick and was sent home from school. Normally, he would not have accompanied his mother to an appointment and she didn’t want him to see how upset she was over their situation.

All day I was stressed about how I am going to make supper for my kids.”8.30a7

She had shared the family’s last $10 bill with her husband that morning to afford gas; he to make it to and from work, and she to make it to her appointment. There was nothing left in her wallet for the doctor or groceries.

The nurse called Melissa in, and Trey sat in the waiting room. A woman approached him with an envelope and told him to pass it to his mother.

If I had know what it was, I wold have told her ‘thank you.'”

8.30a6Inside was a hand-written note and $100 bill. “I’ve had days like you’re having today. Hang in there.” Along with a verse from the Bible with an encouraging message to be strong and courageous.

Melissa was in tears. She was able to not only pay the doctor but also buy groceries for the family to eat that week, as well as a few items that they needed. She plans to pay it forward as soon as she can with another “random act of kindness,” and shared her story to inspire others who may be going through a tough time too.


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