A Stranger Picks Up Her Screaming Baby On A Flight…And It All Goes VIRAL!

When’s the last time you were on a plane with a crying child? When the kids are older, it’s easier to settle them (sometimes) with a snack or a toy, but when you’re traveling with an infant, it can get very hectic almost instantly! One wrong move and you’ve got a crying baby for hours. Okay, maybe not that long, but in extreme cases, that is what happens.

They’re tired, they’re hungry, they don’t want to eat or sleep because their ears hurt. It’s just a bad combination – and there is nothing that the parent can do except try to snuggle them and hope they cry themselves to sleep. šŸ™

For this mom, it seemed that everything stressful thatĀ couldĀ happen while flying with a newborn…did! Until this one woman stepped in and saved the trip!


This is so sweet! I’ve always thought that babies could tell a person’s emotions better than most adults. This little baby girl could probably feel the “bad vibes” from the first people that they were sitting next to. When she sat next to Nyfesha, she could tell that she was in good company…

Or maybe it was just looking out of the window that helped! You never know with newborns! I’m just glad that these parents got a bit of rest on their flight instead of having to beg their little girl to calm down! What a nice trip for everyone involved!

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