A Stranger Made Fun Of Her Postpartum Bump. Her Response Is Breathtaking.

Women get a lot of criticism when it comes to their appearances. Not too long ago, women didn’t have a lot of rights that they had today. They were expected “be pretty, run the house, raise the kids, and stay desirable.” This mentality should have changed by now…but sadly, it hasn’t gone away as quickly as we would have hoped. Even when women rise through the ranks at their job, work more than one job and raise the kids, and keep the house, it sometimes boils down to how “attractive” they are to strangers who don’t know a thing about them.

One mom found herself in the middle of this mentality…even though she is a published author and a successful business woman.

3.3a12‘Oh look, Mummy’s still got her tummy!’ This was eleven days after giving birth.”


This woman’s response is amazing, and a large part of me wishes that she had gotten so used to this mentality that it could have been her first response when the stranger made the rude comment. Can you imagine the look on their face if she had said this instead of laughing and going along with it? We’ve been conditioned to stay “polite,” even when we’ve just been insulted. Hopefully more women can learn from this post. Let this be your first reaction when someone tries to judge you on your appearances – don’t laugh along and be polite. It’s time for a change.

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