A Stranger Left A Note On His Windshield And It Led Him On A CRAZY Adventure!

When Dustin Shepherd found a handwritten note on his windshield, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Most times, a handwritten note means that someone hit your parked car or doesn’t want you to park there anymore…but his note was completely unexpected!

The note told him that as the person was passing by, they heard the sounds of a kitten meowing from underneath his hood. He was immediately glad that he’d stopped to read the note before starting the car! He popped the hood and poked around…spotting a small kitten tangled up between some wires!

Somehow, she had crawled up into the engine block and gotten hopelessly stuck. He reached in to pry her out and was finally successful. The small kitten let him hold her and stayed timid until he reached his apartment. The kitten was covered in dirt, oil, and grease. She needed a serious bath, and as he cleaned her off, her adorable coat of fur was revealed.

He kept the cat for about a week until they could find a forever home for her. His apartment didn’t allow pets, so he couldn’t keep her for very, but he knows that he’ll never forget her!She was adopted by a nice family who had a young son and tons of little toys to play with! She may have had a rough start in life, but thanks to an anonymous note, she’ll live a long and happy one!

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