A Strange Girl Ran Up To Their Table During Dinner With An Unexpected Request!

His daughter was celebrating her birthday and had dressed up for the occasion. They’d all gone out to dinner to have a little party, and she’d worn a fun cocktail dress along with a tiara, just to be extra special. The family was waiting on their food and having a nice time just visiting and catching up when a little girl ran towards their table.

She hadn’t said anything, but had smiled and run away quickly to rejoin her own family.

They didn’t think much of it until the little girl returned with her dad, who explained her strange behavior…

My daughter thinks you are a real princess and wants to give you a hug,” he said.

The birthday girl was thrilled and told her that they should take a picture! The little girl gave her the biggest hug, excited to have met a “real princess,” and others who were eating nearby made it even more special by cheering and telling her how nice it was to meet a princess.

He decided to share the story because he was touched. That little girl was only around 3 or 4 years old, but she had been excited to see “a princess.”

That little girl saw just a “princess” not a black one or white one but simply a princess.” He wrote when he shared it with his friends and family.

He hopes that the story inspires others.

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