A Stingy Neighbor Thought He Could Escape His Debt…Too Bad This GENIUS Lawyer Was On The Case!

People hate being in debt, and will do just about anything to avoid paying it back. If you’ve noticed, the long, folded-up papers that come with our credit card applications are full of who is responsible for what – and have to specify every small detail to be sure that they can be repaid in time. The notices on every bill, the lengthy contracts we sign, and even just borrowing money from a friend can now be accompanied by a rather intense “you must pay this back or ELSE!” It’s no wonder that people will look for ways to borrow money without having to go through a bank…but that can lead to some interesting challenges, too!


£500 is actually quite a lot of money, and to be swindled out of it is definitely enough to warrant contacting a lawyer! This nice neighbor thought he was helping out a friend by loaning the money, but that turned out to be a terrible idea! Like mother always said, “don’t lend something unless you are prepared to give it away.” I’m sure she didn’t mean that everyone you lend to will try to steal from you, but in some cases (like this one) it happens. I don’t know if I could have thought of this genius solution, but I bet it worked very well!!

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