A Snob Says THIS To A Local Waitress Getting Her Hair Done In A Posh Salon. The Customers Are STUNNED At The Waitress’ Response!

One of the most important lessons we can ever learn is to not judge people by what they look like. Yes, sometimes a crazy person rolling around with one roller skate and a pink cape screaming “the end is nigh” most likely needs medical attention, but for the most part, passing judgement without anything to back up your claims is incredibly tactless. This waitress was using her free time to get her hair cut with one of her favorite stylists when she recognized a woman who frequents her restaurant. The woman has THIS to say, and shocks the entire salon…

I work at a restaurant in a very rich town, in which I also live. I was getting my hair done at a `posh’ salon when I see one of my regulars from the restaurant sitting in the first chair.

Me: “Hello ma’am. Good to see you.”

Customer: “Oh hello, aren’t you my waitress from the place down the road?”

Me: “Yes, I am. How are you doing today?”

Customer: “I didn’t know people like you were allowed in a place like this.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

At this point my stylist comes over to bring me to her station.

Customer: *to stylist* “Honey, did you know this girl is a waitress? Are you sure she has enough money to pay? You may want to check before you start serving her.”

Stylist: “Ma’am, she has been a client here for two years. She’s very reliable.”

Customer: “Oh my. What a waste of money. Poor girls like you should not be wasting their money on things like this. Don’t you have a child to care for or something of the like?”

At this point everyone in the salon is quite uncomfortable and is staring at the three of us.

Me: “I’m so sorry ma’am. I actually only work at the restaurant because I don’t like to spend my time being unproductive. You see, I am a college student at the college downtown. I am currently studying to be a biomedical engineer, which I’ll have you know is the second top grossing career currently. And since it seems to matter to you so much, I’m quite financially comfortable! And even if I were a poor waitress, as you so kindly suggested, people are free to do whatever they like with the money they work so hard for! Your husband comes in twice a week to get coffee and sit at our counter and complain about you! So really, ma’am, I’m very, very sorry for you.”

I hope that this woman felt embarrassed enough to leave. And you know what? Even if this little waitress didn’t got to a prestigious college and worked double shifts every day, it’s no one’s business but her own what she does with her free time. In this case, she didn’t have kids or any other responsibilities other than her own well-being and happiness. That woman needed that wake-up call desperately, and I hope her husband hears about it, too!

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