A Small Book Club Announced A Meeting On Twitter, But The AUTHOR Showed Up To Surprise Them!

The Orkney Library located in Scotland has a book club. With only a dozen or so members, they were able to organize their meetings via social media.

One rainy weekend in March, they were scheduled to discuss “Robert Galbraith’s” The Cuckoo’s Calling, a novel famously written by J.K. Rowling under an alias, the author of the wildly successful Harry Potter series. When the book club mentioned the alias on Twitter, Rowling couldn’t help but reply!


They joked about the bad weather, but no one seriously thought that the author would be there! With such a busy schedule, it wasn’t likely, anyway. 3.24a2

After a few quips about her favorite pastry (lemon drizzle cake, by the way) they ended the exchange.

3.24a5Until the day came for the book club’s meeting…and Rowling actually appeared! They discussed her book and had a wonderful time! 3.24a3

What an amazing author! She genuinely cares about her fans, and this is just another way that she shows her appreciation! This surprise is something these fans will never forget. Not only did they get to meet her, they were able to discuss the book with the author! To think, she made time in her schedule to go to a small book club…just because she loves her fans so much! Incredible!

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