A Single Image Can Reveal The Personality Of Your Perfect Match! Which One Did You Choose?

This personality quiz has been floating around and shared by people on the search for “true love” and by others who think it’s a waste of time! Apparently, the image that you like the best out of all nine will reveal the type of person you should be searching for to spend your life with. Others have called it “silly,” but some say that they ended up picking the square the perfectly describes their ideal match!

…besides, what do you have to lose? Look at the images below and pick your favorite! Then, scroll down and see what your image says about your ideal match.1. This type of person will try anything once and doesn’t like to stay home on the couch. Their perfect date is to try something new.

2. This person probably doesn’t use Facebook and enjoys being “in the moment” rather than taking a picture.

3. This person loves to take photographs and visit museums. Appreciating and capturing the beauty in everyday life is their daily goal.

4. This person prefers to follow the instructions – from baking cookies to gaining a promotion – and you may need to break them out of their shell.

5. This person is emotional and romantic, who won’t mind watching three romantic movies in a row or celebrating a two-month-iversary.

6. Orderly and ambitious, this person will most likely find the best deals, discounts, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You’ll never visit the same place twice!

7. This person will make you excited to get up and go to the gym at 6 a.m., or finally go see every bridge in town, or any number of little goals you’ve been harboring. They enjoy ticking things off of their “bucket list” and will have fun trying.

8. This person has the most fun cuddling up on the couch at home, ordering takeout and spending as much time possible to be around the person they love.

9. This person can talk about anything, and won’t care about being shushed at the movies!

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