A Simple Question From A Barista Led One Mom To Re-Evaluate Her ENTIRE Life! This Is Stunning.

Reflecting on our lives is something we do on a daily basis. This usually happens during the “down” times. Re-hashing an argument in your head while taking a shower, daydreaming about what life might have been like “if I had only done this…” while doing a load of laundry, regretting a decision in the past while scrubbing that stuck-on grease from the frying pan…these are all normal things that most every body does. We only get one chance to live our lives, and deciding what to do about the days to come is a lot harder than dreaming about the days we’ve already lived. This mom has it pretty clearly in her mind about where she’s going now, thanks to a simple question from a hard working barista.


So what about you? Being honest with ourselves about who we are and where we are going in life is tough. No one likes to acknowledge their faults, and no one likes to admit when they are wrong. Keeping busy might keep the hard questions at bay for a while…and although not all of us can run away to Italy to forget about our complicated lives, there is something to be said for taking a step back and analyzing exactly where you want to go. She was brave to post this online, and nearly 300,000 people thought that she did the right thing. Live you life, and don’t look back.

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