A Simple DIY To Tie Your Color Schemes Together!

When re-decorating a room, it can be difficult to tie all of the colors in one room together. Sure, you might have a few nice trow pillows, some decorative plates, and maybe a throw rug…but incorporating them into a seamless look can be a challenge for some of us (mainly me!). This idea is simple, straightforward, and really hard to mess up! Seriously, it’s so easy!

First, you’ll need a few supplies to get started. You will need a dowel rod to attach the yarn to, but you can use just about anything for this. You’ll need some colored yarn. Go to a fabric store and match yarn to the different things you need to blend together. This is the most important part – so bring swatches or take pictures to try and get as close as you can!


Next, you’ll need to tie the threads onto the dowel rod and push them together tightly. They shouldn’t slip, so you have a few options here. You can cut the yarn all the same length and cut a design into the yarn after, or your can cut the yarn to the same length beforehand. The choice is up to you!


Once you’ve tied the yarn onto the rod, push the yarn close together, making a seamless tapestry. Tie a piece of rope to each end to keep the yarn tight. This will now become your way to hang it onto the wall! Congratulations!


Once you have got the hang of it, you can do this fairly quickly. I like to do this while I wait for the laundry to dry – usually while watching TV! It’s actually very therapeutic sometimes. These also make cute housewarming gifts! Keep it in mind the next time you find yourself in need of a pop of color or a last-minute gift!

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