A Scottish Farmer Is Selling His Vegetables In The Mall…In A VENDING Machine! How Cool Is This?!

The Grewar family has had an exciting idea that is taking off in Scotland. The family is a whole farm contractor and has had an incredible way of getting the locally grown produce to customers. Along with getting their produce sold in shops and markets, they have created these vending machines placed in shopping centers around the country. 4.29a11

Skipping the long lines in grocery stores just to pick up an item or two is now a reality. Potatoes, free range eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and even salad boxes are available to purchase from the vending machines!

The machines are restocked with 100% Scottish products, keeping it local and able to tell customers which farm the produce came from. Many people are willing to drive the extra distance to bypass large chain stores in order to buy the produce that they know is grown “just down the road” and support their own. Besides, it probably tastes better, too!

There are a lot of reasons to support local businesses, and these guys just made it a lot easier! No need to carve out time on a busy weekend to sift through a farmer’s market – just head down to a local shopping center and purchase fresh produce from the convenient machine! It’s a great idea, and we really hope that it takes off!

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